Thursday, August 30, 2018

I Do Try to be Good . . .

I do try to be good, but the creative in me is just a little flaky . . . inconsistent maybe.

Creativity is a blessing and a curse to quote an often used phrase. There are days when so many ideas are racing around my imagination that I just don't know where to begin . . . so I don't. Sometimes I just put on the T.V. just to shut out the noise. That is a huge confession - to myself!

Really, the only way I get things done is to have a deadline. A real deadline. Some one else's deadline. It helps me focus.

So, I have been on a quest to learn how to make my deadlines "real" to me. Although it's getting better suggestions are certainly welcome. So many books say it is fear that holds creatives back . . . but, I don't always think that is the case.

At this very moment - there are four open projects on the table. Two are new steps, two are others. Five new projects on the board, none are steps, with due dates from September to November 2018. In addition to "real" projects, there are many sitting awaiting attention and completion that are not as real. Important??

Some of the most meaningful "projects" I do is to volunteer with horse therapy. Most of the programs involve working with kids. It is the kind of work that the impact is really not known until years down the road. May never be known by me or those involved in the programs. I know for me it gets me out of my own head for a few hours. Much better than T.V.

In those times when so many ideas soar through my head and I am haunted by things wanting for love and attention there are those ideas that return again and again. One is close to my heart. It is demanding space in an already almost full jar. This spark of an idea will have to fill the spaces around and between the ones that, for now, pay the piper.

So, when you see me being a little air headed . . . you will know why. The T.V. is off and the creative is taking over as I am focused on something special and keeping up with OCDs (Other Clients Deadlines).

In the mean time Fanciful Elephant Emporium is on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Come say "Hi!" There is always time for you.

Thank you for indulging this little post. Here are a few pictures of most recent step stools on Fanciful Elephant Emporium.

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