Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Being Fanciful

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Being Fanciful is a state of mind. It is about having the people around you who make you feel good. It is about making other people feel good and feel good about themselves.

Sometimes sprucing up your space shows you care about yourself and about others. It has taken me a while to learn this lesson because I feel really good in painty clothes and with my mess all around. No make up on my face. No nice clothes in my closet. Paint and glitter in my hair and on my hands so also all over my phone and anything else I touch. It is my happy place.

Not that I don't love nice clothes too. They have just never been the most important thing to me. I rarely go anywhere so by the time I get to wear clothes they are already out of style.

So the Fanciful Elephant is a kind of alter ego. His inspiration is the ghost of Christmas Spirit. Jovial and the spirit of loving and giving. I call him "he" but really Fanciful is neither he or she to me.

Love and Happiness is something we should all carry all day every day. These are things that in  sharing they grow. Love and Happiness equals strength.

So I will keep my space painty dainty messy bessy so you can add some fanciful love to your space.

Fanciful posts will appear here and on Instagram and Facebook whether children's step stools, decor for children's rooms, holiday decor or painted and repainted decor to share the love.

Be sure to visit and share my etsy store at Fanciful Elephant Emporium

Be Fanciful my friends.
Love & Happiness

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